Barcelona, the Beginning & the End

There was a major convention in Barcelona the night we arrived. My Australian travel agent had talked me out of booking accommodation; he assured me it was ‘the slow season’. I thought that was bad advice, but assertiveness is not my strong suit. So we drove around and around with an unoptimistic cabbie, running intoContinue reading “Barcelona, the Beginning & the End”

Barcelona, Part Two

After the day…Standing in a crowd, watching a busker with a full drum kit play along to Smells Like Teen Spirit; up front, a stooped older couple swayed to the beat with linked arms, faint smiles. Admiring them with my boyfriend. Waiting to cross the street behind a young man boldly wearing a band tourContinue reading “Barcelona, Part Two”

Barcelona, Part One

Walking through the deliciously atmospheric cobblestone alleyways of old Barcelona, with a small group of young locals we’d just met. ‘We’ being my ex and I. He’d done a horrifying Jekyll and Hyde on this trip. I now understand this was abuse. This was narcissism, probably. It was his game to play. But at theContinue reading “Barcelona, Part One”